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Internet academy provides English learning on the internet for students of all ages and ability. At iacademy we provide you with internet courses to support your language learning. We offer students English courses designed to make learning English interesting and fun. These courses provide English activities and games, test practice and other examinations for specialized tests. If you would like to try a practice quiz click on the link.

There are six learning levels that correspond to the Japanese school grades for Elementary School, Junior High School and High School. These levels provide appropriate activities and support learners of various ages and ability. There is also a level for adult English courses.

To become an iacademy member to study English online click on the link to register. After you register you will be given instructions on how to access the available courses for your level of learning. Continue to learn more about our activity levels and different courses for iacademy students.

Activity Levels

There are six primary learning levels for school kids and young adults and a specific level for adults. These levels are divided into the school learning years; Elementary School – Junior High School – High School. It is recommended that you try easier level activities first before you try a more difficult activity level. Read the following levels below before you begin;

School kids

Level 1 – Pre-school – Elementary grade 1

Level 2 – Elementary grade 1 – 3

Level 3 – Elementary grade 3 – 6

Young adults

Level 4 – Junior High School grade 1 – 2

Level 5 – Junior High School grade 2 – 3

Level 6 – High School grade 1 – 3


Adult level of all ages and ability