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Important note: This website has existed since 2013. In October, 2015, we experienced a technical catastrophe and lost the entire site. We were able to recover the data up to June, 2014, but, unfortunately, lost the blog posts for the January, 2015 program.   

What is the Puean Program?

“Puean” means friendship in Thai. In this program,  students from the Iwate University English Department go to secondary schools in Bangkok or Ayutthaya to teach about aspects of the Japanese culture in English or assist in the schools’ Japanese language classes. The participating schools are the Wat Nuanoradit School and the Stri Wat Absornsawan School in Bangkok as well as the Bangsai Witthaya School in Ayutthaya. Siam University in Bangkok oversees the program.

The goals of the program is to make contributions to the schools’ foreign language programs by providing an element of content based learning into their English language classes as well as giving students the opportunity to speak Japanese in their Japanese language classes. In addition to this, it is an excellent opportunity for the Iwate University student-teachers to improve their teaching skills and broaden their horizons by building ties with people of a different country. We go to Thailand once a year for about two weeks and usually 7 students can participate at one time. Students can earn credit for participating in this program.

Most recent trip: January 3-12, 2018  See our blog

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Overview of this Site

In this site, you can read the archives of happenings in previous year’s programs, get information about program goals and history, learn about the participating schools, and read participants’ teaching portfolios. The 2016 blog provide qand 2016 ePortfolios provide a full description of the most recent program.